Are you an experienced slot machines player who is tired of traditional slots without any real challenge? If yes, try playing the Great Blue mobile slots. These mobile slot machines are the real deal for players like you who have risen above the normal challenge. The added challenge, bonus round and bigger rewards is what you will love the most about the Great Blue mobile slot game. Here is a brief overview of this fantastic online casino game for mobile users.


Great Blue Mobile Slots – Features and Theme

It is the captivating graphics that will grab your attention first, before anything else. These are truly breath-taking visuals and effects of the undersea world with a variety of creatures, numbers, letters and symbols. All these have different points tied to each one of them. Then there is a very immersive theme where you have to dodge a killer whale called “the Great Blue” to stay alive and keep playing. Notably, there are many dives into the undersea space and adventures to enjoy even as you try to avoid the deadly creature to continue playing. It is a combination of a great theme and visual effects that will keep you immersed throughout the play.

To access the Great Blue bonus, a player must get at least 3 Sea Shell symbols, regardless of the reels on where these may appear. In the bonus play, you dive down to the bottom of the sea to find out what it hides and how lucky you can get!

The bonus feature offers 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Then a player must also choose between 2 of the 5 seashells that will show up when they go down to the bottom of the sea. If lucky, they will unlock more spins and greater multipliers.


Great Blue Mobile Slots – Final Thoughts

Unlike many slots, Great Blue mobile slots feature 5 reels and 25 paylines. With these, players can have a lot of fun and win so much money, playing the Great Blue mobile slots. However, it should be noted that, although they sound quite easy, these slots are among the hardest. No wonder, they are especially recommended for experienced players who are looking for some tough challenge. Luck may not usually cross the player’s path either when playing.

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