This is one of the newest online betting games in the market and popular in Malaysia. Players need to have a closer look at this game and understand why it ‘s getting so much attention even among new players. So what is monkey thunderbolt mobile slots?

This is a game inspired by the legendary story of monkeys which have influence around the world. The way to walk away with the price is by predicting who the next Thunderbolt King will be. The king has the capability to be on the throne and rule the world for the next 100 years.

There are always strict and firm rules the Monkey Thunderbolt follows in every race participated by the monkeys. There are also challenges along the way.

 Monkey Thunderbolt Mobile Slots Features

There are unlimited table seats for players to enjoy and it also has a special countdown times with some amazing sounds.

Players will also notice the panel that has several winning combinations. What attracts customers the most must be the jackpot appealing animation on screen and the multiplier awards you get along the race.

Players can zoom in the screen in order to get a clearer view on the monkeys in the game. What makes this game stand out is that it has a higher level of compatibility even with a web browser or a desktop client.

Monkey Thunderbolt Mobile Slots Gameplay

You need to have RM100  before you can place your bet on the game. You will be given 2 minutes for every game you play. If you only have 10 seconds left, the timer will make a sound. Gamer can choose from the sufficient table seats. You can only start making money from the game if you place your maximum bet on your chosen monkey. Although it has a complex panel, it allows players to bet with greater odds which makes it beneficial.

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