918Kiss Review – The Ultimate Guide (2018)

When you talk about gambling in Malaysia, then there are very few online casinos that match 918Kiss for popularity, reputation, huge progressive jackpots and of course, ease of use. For those who might not be aware, 918Kiss casino is the new name for SCR888. SCR888 decided to introduce 918kiss as its new platform so as to offer excitement and a better experience to all casino players.

Therefore, don’t worry if one day you happen to log in your SCR888 account only to notice that it isn’t stated as SCR8888! Be assured that your account hasn’t been scammed or hacked. Practically, this is just the same platform; the only thing that has changed is the name. Most gamblers in Malaysia have already heard about 918KISS and they already know about the excellent reputation that the casino has with both the industry insiders and players alike.

.Undoubtedly, 918KISS casino is poised to become the best iOS and Android APK mobile slots game in 2018; just as it has been the case with SCR888 – its predecessor. Why say so? Everything within the game’s application is essentially the same.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rapid developments in SCR888, and they are expected to have improved features on 918KISS. SCR888 casino is undeniably one of the most successful online casino in recent years. In fact, it has risen quickly to become one of the most recognized international brands in several countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand and Singapore. Today, 918KISS has over 130 mobile slots games to choose from. More quality games are expected to be produced late this year. You can expect slightly over 200 games in 918KISS casino by the end of the year.

So, why is 918KISS casino so popular in Malaysia? What does it do better when compared to other online casinos Malaysia? Why have they become the most popular choice for people that would like to enjoy gambling in Malaysia?

In this guide, we’ll delve deep to answer all these above questions. In addition, we’ll take a look at the 918KISS Casino platform and inform you more about the reasons why it’s held with such high regards from all quarters. Here’s a comprehensive 918Kiss review:

918Kiss Retains Top Class Reputation

If there’s one thing that 918KISS is proud of, it’s undoubtedly the reputation that they’ve worked extra hard. The main reason why its reputation is great is their continued effort to provide high-quality services combined with a high level of customer service.

Since their launch, they’ve won several awards thanks to their unmatched service. In addition, they are believed to be among the best places that you can relish gambling in Malaysia. Being around for quite long simply illustrates how reputable the casino is and how well they’ve been treating their customers.

They have also been around for so long. This means that 918KISS has managed to face all challenges that have come their way as a casino operator online. With many competitors, ever-changing technologies and regulations, the gambling industry isn’t an easy field to keep up and compete in. They have managed all these with aplomb. As such, they deserve credit for that.

High Quality Software

While 18KISS firstly used their own software to provide the customers with games that they could use for online gambling, its popularity soared greatly when they started bringing in games from different sources. The leading casino developers like Microgaming and Playtech are normally behind the most popular games on 918KISS nowadays.

Outsourcing this important aspect of their gaming platform has allowed 918KISS to focus more on other areas. Indeed, they knew very well the quality of these slot games. By doing so, they could instead use their precious time to provide an interface that is easy to use and navigate, provide fast-responding and seamless customer service and also look at different ways to provide the best promotions and bonuses to their loyal customers.

Their user interface is intuitive and customizable in a way that allows you to actually preset games that you would like to play the most simply by selecting the games and putting them in boxes.

Many Payment Options

918KISS has also made it extremely easy to deposit and withdraw your money from their casino online. This has been achieved by offering the players with numerous methods of doing so. Furthermore, each method is done in an efficient manner when compared to other online casinos that only appear to be quick at depositing but very slower when processing withdrawal requests.

They value the casino’s reputation and they’ll always strive hard to have withdrawal requests completed within a short period of time. Throughout their 20-year tenure, SCR88 had always put customers first and that’s why they’re still here today and able to provide such a great gambling experience in Malaysia.

Massive Catalogue of Games

Another major reason for 918KISS Casino’s popularity is the massive range of casino games and slots that they offer. Instead of choosing quantity rather than quality like most online casinos, 918KISS has ensured that each game that they provide is of high quality and it’s a type that most players will love playing.

They also add to their catalogue on regular basis so as to make sure that no player gets bored and he is always looking out for the very best slot games. Whether it is new twists on popular classic table games or the newest feature-full slot with a huge progressive jackpot, the 918KISS Casino ensures that they have it among their catalogue of games for their players to enjoy.

Reputable Mobile Slot Games for Fun

Despite the mere fact that a good number of their slot games are have copied from competitors, like Playtech, 918KISS casino has actually done even better when compared to original game creators. Today, they house most of the regularly-played games in Malaysia. Below is a short review of some of their best slot games:

Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden game comes with five reels and a total of twenty pay lines. Having been set in the land/magical world, the enchanting game will bring the players to a world of fairies. Nearly all symbols in the game are filled with either magical stones or glitters. Enjoy the daily breaks and steps into this magical kingdom where fantasy rules. For the player to trigger bonus round, they should have three (3) Fountain Symbols and they will win 7 free spins.

Safari Heat

Safari Heat slot game comes with a total five reels and fifteen pay lines. Having been set in African safari and utilizing animals as the symbols, this slot game will certainly bring you back to the world of wild life. Lush greenery background and beautiful sunsets is amazing for the eyes if you’re a person who can sit down and play the game continuously. Members should get 3 scatter symbols so as to win a bonus round of fifteen times free spin.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island game comes with five reels and a total of forty paylines. For the Playtech slot game player, you’ll notice that they are basically the same. This slot game has been set in a ship/sea theme. As a result, all slot symbols in the game are either a ship icon or the pirates items like spinning wheel and liquor bottle. For you to get into the bonus round, you’ll have to get a minimum of 3 scatter symbols. However, the free spin’s number is not fixed and it’s determined by Island Hop Bonus Game.

Cherry Love

Cherry Love game comes with five reels and a total of thirty paylines. This sexy game has been designed with a purple background. The slot symbols in the game are items which are associated with the term “SEXY”. For a player to get into the bonus round, they should have Cherry Symbols and they will automatically win fifteen (15) free spins. Cherry symbols are essentially one of the oldest icons of slot games from 90’s era but it has still made its way to more recent slots.

Beside the above listed 918kiss games, here’s a list of other slot games that members can try:

  • Plenty O’Fortune
  • The Bonus Bears
  • Hot Gems
  • Football Star
  • Halloween Fortune
  • Wukong
  • Great Blue
  • Highway Kings
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Boy King
  • Feng Shen
  • Panther Moon

Here are some other 918kiss game

With the SCR888’s Platform having been updated to 918Kiss, the online gaming experience has actually become less lagging and smoother. You might get confused by the huge number of games. However, that shouldn’t worry you. There’s no need to play all these slot games. Some online casino agents usually offer free tips about the easiest-to-win games every week. You can use these tips to find out the best slot games to play. To win big, ensure that you play the hot games that are in demand.

Easy Slot Game, Big Jackpots and High Winning Payouts

SCR888 was been recognized widely for its simplicity when it comes to slot game designs. This is the same thing in 918KISS. It is very easy to play games that even 5-year old children would understand the slots. Without spending a lot of time learning how to play games here, they’ve become highly popular among the online gambling community in Malaysian.

Its winning payouts remain the highest within the local casino industry. As a general rule: players prefer playing the easy-to-win slot game. With a wide range of such games, 918Kiss continues to have high numbers of players in Malaysia.

In addition, the huge progressive jackpot of up to millions ringgit is a big attractions to most players. Who doesn’t dream of becoming a millionaire? Thanks to 918KISS, this dream might just come true overnight!

1. Easy to Win

SCR888 was famous for their high winning payouts, so does 918KISS. To start with, it is very easy to learn on how to play games with 918KISS. Most slot games here are designed in a way that all people can understand easily. There are many different tricks and ways to win from games in 918KISS.

Not mentioning about their big progressive jackpots that are displayed at the game lobby, the casino tends to offer several free multipliers, free spins and free bonus games to all online players. With 918KISS, you stand a high chance of winning double, triple or ten times of startup capital.

2. Stable Online Slot Game’s Betting System

918KISS is believed to have one of the most stable online games betting system throughout Malaysia. They’ve designed a highly stable and solid security system that prevents hackers from hacking the centralized betting system. Any chances of accessing the back-end server is close to ZERO!

As such, the players can play games without any worry of being hacked by others. Furthermore, the payout algorithms have been designed very well, using the international gambling standard as cornerstone of its payout policy. With stable, fair and transparent online gaming payouts, 918KISS is expected to become one of the most reliable and trusted online slot game’s brand in Malaysia.

3. Hacking 918KISS Slot Games

Since 918KISS has endorsed the exact same IT infrastructure like SCR888, there are no possibilities of hacking into the slots for quick profits. As a matter of fact, the company has significantly improved their internet security to a great extents. It is therefore even harder to hack its games nowadays. Given its highly popularity in the local online casino industry, we believe very soon there will be ways to hack its slot games.

Don’t believe scammers who claim to be selling the hacking devices on sites like YouTube. You will just end up losing all your money on fake devices.

918kiss Download

Downloading 918Kiss is much easier at here. All you need is just 5 minutes and you’ll be having the 918Kiss on your mobile phone. It’s important to note whether your phone is iOS or an Android smartphone.

This is necessary because there are types of mobile versions for this 918Kiss slot games. The slot games include; 918Kiss iOS and the 918Kiss APK. The two mobile versions have similar game slots, same winning payout ratio and also same layout out. The versions only have a small difference. It’s therefore important that you understand the two versions well before selecting the version to play.

The question that’s frequently asked by most people is; the best way of downloading 918Kiss on any mobile device. Though the steps provided are simple, you’ll still need guidelines through the whole downloading process. We have therefore provided you with a guideline on how to download both 918Kiss iOS and the 918Kiss Android version. The guideline is as shown below:

iPhone is generally known as an expensive smartphone because of its high retail price. The phone is loved by many because of its amazing and elegant design, its classy in-house mobile apps and also because of its user friendly features. Malaysia has a large number of people using iPhones, that’s why 918Kiss has recently launched the iOS version in the country.

There are a small number of people that can play the 918Kiss games on the iOS version. These are people who are looking for slot games with high-quality graphics. They are the iPhone users as the phone provides high-definition screen resolution. It’s therefore clear that the application of iOS slot games is perfect on iPhone.

The iOS version is also the best version for those people like playing slot games that have high speed connection. The main reason is that the operating system of iOS mobile performs better than the Android mobile’s operating system. It has also been proved that the iPhone’s process core processor is greater than that of Android phones. This is the iron fact why most people will go for the 918Kiss iOS version.

The only problem is that, owning an iPhone is not easy. This is why majority of the low class population play the 918Kiss Android version due to limited affordability. For the slot game market in Malaysia, close to 70% of the players play on the Android version and 30% play the slot games on the iOS version. Hence, the 918Kiss iOS is not popular as the 918Kiss version, mostly in Malaysia.

The 918Kiss Android is an original game installer that must downloaded before the installation of the 918Kiss mobile slot games on the mobile phones. The applications of the Android games are made in the APK form due the system requirements that were imposed by Google.

Do not get confused when you hear people talk of the 918Kiss APK. The 918Kiss APK is a version of Android games that can be played on any mobile phone/device with the operating system of an Android. On this gam version, there is a little source that is permitted to download the 918Kiss APK file. Be careful with the unknown sites of the APK download as it’s hard to know which of them is of high quality.

Downloading the 918Kiss APK version is easier as compared to 918Kiss iOS due to the use-friendly features of the APK game application. This is also one of the reasons why it’s preferred by most players. When downloading the 918Kiss APK, ensure that you are downloading it from its official download site. Don’t risk your mobile phone security and your 918 game accounts by downloading it from just unknown sources.

918Kiss Login

Worried about where you will log your 918Kiss games slot? You better not, all the secret tips are here and the 918Kiss tricks to our readers. The 918Kiss Login has been used my most people in accessing the mobile slot games. You cannot play the games minus visiting the login page.

The 918Kiss login just has a simple look and thus simple for most players. Only two fields have to be filled before you reach the game lobby; the username and the password. It’s therefore necessary that you look for a 918Kiss game ID that’s valid, to use it in the login process. To get the valid 918Kiss ID, you need to talk with any authorized agent of 918Kiss to help you in completing the registration process. After the registration you can now get your valid game ID and the password.

When you enter the game ID and password on the 918Kiss loin page, your username and password will be validated in seconds by the back-end system. If your details are correct, you will be taken to the game loading page, and after you will see the game lobby.

You can either decide to select the Remember me’ option on the login page so as to store your password and game ID or not. This feature is very convenient for many players as it allows them to play the game without having to remember your password and username. It’s the best feature for players who play the 918Kiss games daily. A robust WIFI connection is necessary so that the login process is not interrupted by breakdown in the internet connection.

918Kiss Free Credit

The players on the online casinos like claiming free credit. The free credit allows them to play for free. But the question is; is there 918Kiss free credit in Malaysia? The answer is YES. Most online 918Kiss players don’t know how to effectively claim the free credit.

You just have to type the word 918Kiss Free Credit) on Google or your Facebook search. You will get a long list of the online casino operators that provide the free credit to the 918Kiss players. Keenly analyze the list and choose a few that seem credible and then talk to the customer service representatives that deal with free credits.

When you get the free credit, you reduce your risks to zero. But you will lose nothing in monetary terms. The free credits are very beneficial to the players. When you manage to get a rollover; balancing the requirements set up by these online casino operators, you can withdraw your 918Kiss balance into real money. It sounds interesting.

The chances are very high when playing with the 918Kiss free credit. There are high chances of winning payout on 918Kiss. This will make you get free spins and free bonus games much easier. When you have enough money to gamble on this site, you will last longer on the site thus high chances of winning big games.

How to win at the 918Kiss Casino

There are tricks you have known in the 918Kiss games so as to increase your chances of winning. But all in all, patience is the main virtue. When you stay discipline, in this gambling, it can earn you a fortune. You just have to be calm and strong even if you have already lost half of your capital. Don’t panic; just make attempts on winning back all your losses in the next bets? Unfortunately, it does not work that way and you may end up incurring more losses and eventually loss all your money.

To win in 918Kiss Casino games, you first need to have a consistency in the management of your money. You have to know that winning is a matter of luck, therefore, do not keep betting if you no sign of luck. Just remain calm and hope that you win the recent games that before. You can then double or triple the wager and immediately stop playing if there is no sign of luck. Most of the winners of 918Kiss stick to two rules; learn from the process and, live with it.

The 918Kiss App

This is a mobile slot game app application that is found on both the iOS and the Android version. The app is among the mobile game applications that is downloaded most in Malaysia in 2018

You might wonder why it’s popular. The app is the new version of the SCR888, it have undertaken a good rebranding campaign as from January 2018. The name SCR888 has been terminated completely. Some people claim that rebranding was due to pressure from Malaysia’s local authority that was questioning its high popularity.

The only difference between the old SCR888 and the new 918Kiss App is just the game lobby design and the brand logo. Apart from that, there is no much difference. The similarity between the two has helped the 918Kiss app in market penetration to a much extent.

In terms of game performance, the 918Kiss App is better than the old SCR888. The new version has a faster speed when it comes to game connection. In short, the players can easily play on the online betting platform without any interruption by the server breakdown. The new version has upgraded the capacity of its game server

Apart from the differences above, there are more games on 918Kiss as compared to SCR888. The new version provides 150 plus mobile slot games that are of high quality and a good performance and the payout of winning are high for every game slot. The 918Kiss provides higher chances of winning in all games.

How 918Kiss App is downloaded

It’s easy to download the 918Kiss App as compared to other mobile game application, as it takes less time to download. The 918Kiss is very secure due to the strict and quality security policy in Malaysia. Therefore, it’s impossible for any hacker to attack the back-end server thus making in a safe online betting environment.

The app can be downloaded by two different methods, the method for downloading iOS and Android smartphones respectively. You just have to check the official guidelines for the 918Kiss IOS and the Android Download. You can contact their service hotline incase you have any question or for more information.

The App will only contain unknown virus or experience malicious attack only if you download it from unknown sources. The official download links for 918Kiss are shown below.

Downloading the app after referring to their official manual is very easy.

Benefits of playing the 918Kiss Slot games

In Malaysia, online gambling is seen as a negative stuff and is considered to be illegal locally. But the truth is, the online gambling is one of the forms of the leisure activities since the olden days. The online gambling just needs you to be discipline for it to be beneficial to you. Some of the benefits of playing the 918Kiss App are as follows:

  • It allows you to make a windfall profit, since it offers the biggest winning Payout in the country.
  • Provides a better lifestyle through good leisure activities that enable you to relax both physically and mentally.
  • 918Kiss App allows you to interact freely with your friends as many people prefer social networking to face to face
  • The app helps you to save on time as you can take part in the online gambling at the comfort of your home.

With this 918Kiss App, you have to be discipline for you to enjoy the benefits. Below are ways to make you discipline:

  • Have a maximum limit for your daily loss; don’t just spend all your cash on these online gambling activities.
  • If you are an emotional person, don’t take part in the online gambling as you won’t win from the 918Kiss App if you are
    unhappy; you must be in good mental condition before playing the slot games.
  • You should always know how to stop gambling when the win is big on 918Kiss as most of it is paid by its players. When you win huge amount of money, learn to stop playing as you may lose all the money.

Final Verdict

From the above review, as a player you should try the 918Kiss Casino if you haven’t tried yet. There are many reasons why the casino is the best choice for the online gamblers in Malaysia. Some of the reasons are; its high security in terms of transactions made, it provide good customer service at an affordable price, the various promotions and bonuses available and lastly, the casino and the games it offers are mobile-optimized.

The last reason means that the players can play the slot games or the table games on their Android or iOS mobile device. All the games can be powered up for in just seconds, thus no need to download each game. The reasons
above make the 918Kiss Casino the best choice, as you can play when in and out of your home.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the in-depth review of 918Kiss Casino and you have gotten the information you needed about the highly popular Casino. You should therefore try it out anytime you’re ready to gamble online in Malaysia.

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